136 Great Lakes Basin Islands . . .

  . . . Accessible by Ferry or Bridge


Yes, at least 136 Great Lakes Basin islands really are accessible by ferry or bridge!



Lake Superior   

Isle Royale, MI (accessible from MI/MN)

Madeline Island, WI

Grand Island, MI

St. Marys River 

“The Island” (Sault Ste. Marie, MI downtown)

North St. Marys Island, ON

South St. Marys Island, ON

Whitefish Island (First Nation island)

Island No. 1, MI

Sugar Island, MI

Neebish Island, MI

Little Neebish/Rains Island, MI

Lake Michigan 

Wooded Island, IL (Chicago)

Washington Island, WI

Rock Island, WI

Door County Peninsula, WI (N of Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal)

South Manitou Island, MI

North Manitou Island, MI

Beaver Island, MI

Straits of Mackinac 

Mackinac Island, MI

Bois Blanc Island, MI

Lake Huron

Les Cheneaux Islands (36 islands, 2 + 1 accessible:)

— Hill Island, MI

— Island No. 8, MI

— Government Island, MI (by kayak)

St. Joseph Island, ON

Pine Island, ON

Browns Island, ON

Bamford Island, ON

Twyning Islands, ON

Munroe Islands, ON

Campement d’Ours Island, ON

Drummond Island, MI

Manitoulin Island, ON

Barrie Island, ON

Twilight Isle, ON

Burnt Island, ON

Goat Island, ON

Great LaCloche Island, ON

Birch Island (First Nation)

Flowerpot Island ON

Beausoleil Island ON

Picnic Island, ON

Brandy Island, ON

Potato Island, ON

Christian Island (First Nation)

Parry Island (First Nation)

St. Clair River

Russell Island, MI

Harsens Island, MI

Walpole Island (= 6 First Nation islands, including:)

— Walpole Island

— Pottawatomie Island

— Squirrel Island

Detroit River  

Belle Isle, MI

Grosse Ile, MI (= 8 islands):

Grosse Ile (2 islands <- Thorofare Canal)

— Hennepin Point

— Southpointe Island

— Swan Island

— Meso Island (a.k.a. “Upper Hickory Is.”)

— Hickory Island (a.k.a. “Lower Hickory Is.)

— Elba Island

Bob-Lo Island, ON

Lake Erie 

Pelee Island, ON

South Bass Island, OH

Gibraltar Island. OH

Middle Bass Island, OH

Kelleys Island, OH

Johnson’s Island, OH

Catawba Island, OH (currently, a peninsula)

Presque Isle, PA (currently, a peninsula)

Niagara River 

Green Island, NY

Goat Island, NY

Luna Island, NY

Three Sisters Islands:

— Celinda Eliza Island, NY

— Angelina Island, NY

— Asenath Island, NY

Grand Island, NY

Beaver Island, NY

Buckhorn Island, NY

Cayuga Island, NY

Tonawanda Island

Unity Island (formerly: Squaw Is.), NY + Bird Island Pier

The Dufferin Islands, ON = 11 islands

Lake Ontario

The Toronto Islands, ON Islands = 9 accessible islands:

— Centre Island, ON (“Ward’s Island”)

— Algonquin Island, ON

— Snake Island, ON

— South and North Chippewa Island, ON

— RCYC Island, ON

— South Island, ON

— Olympic Island, ON

— Middle Island, ON

— “Duck Pond” Island, ON

Presqu’ile, ON

Baker Island, ON

Prince Edward County, ON

Sheba’s Island, ON

Big Island, ON

Amherst Island, ON

Hovey’s Island, NY

Association Island, NY

St. Lawrence River

Wolfe Island, ON

Simcoe Island, ON

Howe Island, ON

Washington Island, NY

Wellesley Island, NY

Heart Island, NY

Hill Island, ON

Iroquois Island, ON

Wilson-Hill Island, NY

Ault Island, ON

Nairne Island, ON

Morrison Island, ON

Long Sault Parkway Islands, ON (=11 islands)

— Mclauren Island, ON

— Woodlands Island (Centre, East)

— Fraser Island, ON

— Hoople Island, ON

— Dickinson Island, ON

— Heriot Island, ON

— VanKoughnet Island, ON

— Philpotts Island, ON

— MacDonell Island, ON

— Mille Roche Island, ON

— Snetsinger Island, ON

Moulinette Island, ON

East Isle, ON

Barnhart Island, NY

+ Massena, NY (outskirts =“mainland island”)

Kawehnō:ke (First Nation; aka, Cornwall Island)

Hamilton Island, ON


2 thoughts on “136 Great Lakes Basin Islands . . .

    1. Maureen Dunphy says:

      I like your answer, Bett, and I love St. Joseph Island! Unfortunately, Barb Weber beat you to the punch and won the Book Giveaway for her answer with Drummond Island, another fine island! Hope you have the opportunity to visit St. Joseph Island this summer! (No need to worry about ferry reservations to get to St. Joseph!)


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