Ferries and Bridges to Friendship

Another thing about islands? It seems you really can’t help but make friends, as least on a Great Lakes Basin island.

On this day—the day of my book’s release—I’d like to pay tribute to a few of the special “islander” friends I met on seven of the 136 Great Lakes Basin islands I visited. They each have a very special island home, a home that is also a B&B or an inn, to which they welcomed me during the research phase of writing my book Great Lakes Island Escapes: Ferries and Bridges to Adventure. 

Washington Island


. . . Pamela Jean Young of the Jackson Harbor Inn on Washington Island in Lake Michigan (mainland launch: Northport, Wisconsin, at the tip of the Door County peninsula, by ferry) . . .


 Bois Blanc Island


. . . Shelby and Christa Newhouse of Insel Haus on Bois Blanc Island in the Straits of Mackinac (mainland launch: Cheboygan, Michigan, by ferry) . . .


 St. Joseph Island


. . . Sandy Irwin and Clair Campbell of Sunnyside B&B on the bank of the St. Marys River in Sailors Encampment on St. Joseph Island, an island which is in northwestern Lake Huron (mainland launch: Tarbutt and Tarbutt Additional in the Algoma District, Ontario across the St. Joseph Channel, by the Bernt Gilbertson Bridge) . . .


 Hill Island


. . . Jim and Betty Struble of Dancing Waters B&B on Hill Island in the Les Cheneaux archipelago in Lake Huron (mainland launch: Cedarville in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, by bridge) . . .


 Drummond Island


. . . Amy and Michael Bailey of Papin’s Resort on Drummond Island in Lake Huron (mainland launch: De Tour Village, Michigan, by ferry) . . .


Catawba Island

IMG_0295 (2)
. . . Eileen and Jerry Jarc of Five Bells Inn on Catawba Island in Lake Erie (mainland launch: Port Clinton, Ohio by a bridge you may not even notice; see my blog posting “The Non-Island of Catawba Island” for a photo and more on my quest to find the bridge) . . .


 Pelee Island

Family 2009-2010 180

. . .  Ron and Lynn Tiessen of Lake Muse B&B and cottage rental on Pelee Island in Lake Erie (mainland launch: Leamington or Kingsville, Ontario, depending on the time of year, by ferry) . . .

(Photo courtesy of Lake Muse)

Lake View Magic

You may already be familiar with the recent study connecting ocean views with better mental health. I propose the view of a Great Lake has a similar effect in terms of decreasing stress.

I leave you today with one last Book Giveaway Challenge (below) and a few Great Lakes views you may want to view in person, on an island adventure of your own someday soon.

Morning visitors at the shoreline of Catawba Island in Lake Erie
Beach at the Fossil Ledges on Drummond Island in Lake Huron
Beach at end of Bible Road on Bois Blanc Island in the Straits of Mackinac
Family 2009-2010 184
View of Hulda’s Rock from Sheridan Point on Pelee Island in Lake Erie
Freighter in the St. Marys River as seen from Sailors Encampment on St. Joseph Island in Lake Huron
Looking across “dancing waters” from Hill Island in Lake Huron
Moonrise over Jackson Harbor from Washington Island in Lake Michigan

If you need some help planning your island trip, my book Great Lakes Island Escapes: Ferries and Bridges to Adventure is, as of today, “available wherever books are sold . . . ”

Final Book Giveaway Challenge

. . . Or you could win a copy today. This last challenge is easy (if you want a more difficult challenge, Challenge #4 has yet to be conquered).

To win a copy of my book, just pick one of the 136 Great Lakes Basin Islands I visited (https://greatlakesislandescapes.com/…/136-accessible-great…/) that you’ve yet to visit and explain in one sentence why you’d like to visit this particular island in the future.

Karen Valentine of Chicago, has already won one of the two copies connected to this challenge via Facebook. Her winning response was: “I would like to visit Sugar Island, Michigan, because it sounds so very sweet – and probably looks it as well.” Bravo, Karen!

One more responder who fulfills the challenge will also win a copy of my book. (Post your entry in the comment section in response to this blog posting.)














9 thoughts on “Ferries and Bridges to Friendship

  1. Barbara E Weber says:

    I would like to visit Drummond Island because it sounds awesome! My husband and I are taking a trip on the Agawa Canyon Train, and as Drummond Island is in close proximity to the Sault, it would really complete that northern vacation!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Maureen Dunphy says:

      Thank you, Rose! I was on Pelee for the weekend. It was lovely to have such summery weather! My first two weekends in April both featured snow. Have you been to Pelee yet this year? Have you visited St. Joseph Island where the St. Marys River meets Lake Huron?


      1. rosedivecha says:

        Hi Maureen, yes we have been a couple of times – so good to be back! My husband Rob opened up in April and was surprised to see snow when he woke up the next morning. Have never been to St. Joseph Island. Is it one of your favorites?


      2. Maureen Dunphy says:

        Yes, Rose, St. Joseph Island is a favorite! Also on the Canadian side of the border: Amherst Island (Lake Ontario), Wolfe Island (St. Lawrence River), and Howe Island (St. Lawrence River). If you like to camp (especially): Manitoulin Island (Lake Huron) and Flowerpot Island. I’m guessing you’ve already visited the Toronto Islands (Lake Ontario) and spent time on Prince Edward County (Lake Ontario)?


      3. rosedivecha says:

        I would love to check it out! I have been to Manitoulin and Flowerpot, (thought Pelee had a lot of snakes!) both lovely, as well as the Toronto Islands. (love bike riding on Ward’s and the feeling of separateness) So many to see, so little time…:-)

        Liked by 1 person

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