5 thoughts on “Photo Gallery

  1. Dee Lang says:

    Hi Maureen,
    I received your name and link from Catherine Roth. She and I are business colleagues and I was telling her that I just returned from vacationing the Great Lakes islands this past week! I spent a week on Kelley’s Island, OH and then spent a day on SOuth Bass Island and Put-In-Bay. Absolutely loved it and would like to spend a few cold, wintery months on Kelley’s. I love your pictures and look forward to reading more about your island advertures!
    Dee Lang


    1. Maureen Dunphy says:

      Happy to find you here, Dee! Where did you stay on Kelleys Island? I’ll be heading there next week. Visited three years ago with a group of Pelee Island friends and had a lovely stay at the Eagle’s Nest B&B. Any recommendations on what I should see or do while I’m there?


  2. Ryan Li says:

    Hi, Mrs. Maureen, do you remember me? we met on Isle Royale National Park, the guy who works at grocery store, and reading a fiction “Little Prince”, you make my summer vacation so unforgettable, after work, I went to 5 major city by myself, big challenge to me, but I glad that I did it, now I’m back to Taiwan, and keep reading, just want you know that I’m appreciate the lesson you teach to me, it means a lot to me, hope you have a wonderful autumn and Halloween, sincerely

    Lee from NKUHT, Taiwan


    1. Maureen Dunphy says:

      Of course I remember you, Lee! Happy I could be a part of your summer vacation. It is definitely autumn here–the leaves have changed to yellows, oranges, and reds–and Halloween with its trick-or-treaters is just around the corner, as we say. We were fortunate to meet on such an amazing island. You know, I have only read “Le Petit Prince” in French when I was in high school. It was much easier to help you with the English version! I hope you enjoyed the cities you visited and that you will have the opportunity to travel more in the future! Wishing you all the very best, Maureen


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