Wolfe Island – St. Lawrence River

Lake Ontario sparkles in Big Sandy Bay at the southwest end of this St. Lawrence River island. Big Sandy Bay Conservation Area, a 1,000-acre day-use area on Wolfe Island, has a coastal ecology that is rare in Ontario, including, according to the Friends of Big Sandy Bay, “provincially and regionally significant birds, provincially rare trees and other rare plant species.”

Water, sun, wind: the Great Lakes area, and Great Lakes islands in particular, with their relatively small energy-grid requirements, are naturals when it comes to considering renewable energy resources. (For more information, see Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association www.glrea.org.) Located where Lake Ontario ends and the St. Lawrence River begins, Wolfe Island is the largest of the Thousand Islands, just under 48 square miles (124 square kilometers).

If you stay in town, you can expect to get your bearings at the Old House Museum.  Be sure to pick up a copy of the Wolfe Island Historical Society’s Marysville Walking Tour pamphlet here, too—or, if they’re not open, head for the Tourist Information Centre by the Township Hall, 1195 County Road 96 in Marysville. You can get some “good bean” at Café Tenango, see some (really) good local art at the Stone Heron Gallery, and discover plenty of other interesting facets in Marysville if you let the walking tour pamphlet be your guide.  Don’t miss the wonderful Wolfe Island historic mural series!